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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another View of Late-in-Life Motherhood

Christa's 20-year-old sister, Amy, has been in Nicaragua since September. She arrived home for Christmas last night.
Christa is overjoyed.
She hugged her sister--and wouldn't let go.
Today, when I woke her up for school, Christa said, "Mom, I don't feel well. I can't go to school."
I asked her, "Is it that you don't feel well or that you want to stay home with Amy?"
And then, "I want to stay home with Amy."
Then she giggled. "Amy crawled into bed with me last night. I just laid there and smiled like this."
Big smile.
(Christa has been sleeping in Amy's bed since Amy left for Nicaragua.)
Christa went to school--but I know she's counting the minutes until she's back home with Amy.

Oh, yeah--the rest of the family is happy Amy's home too! We all went to Red Robin for dinner because Amy wanted one of their salads and french fries with ranch dressing. Big brother Josh and his wife Jenelle met us to celebrate too.

I'm a happy Mommy-Come-Lately®!



At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Shirley said...

Love the pic! It's great to see you (almost) all. Merry Christmas!


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