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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Saying Yes

It was Christa's and Justin's day.

Instead of following my lead, the two four-year-olds led the way as we explored the Denver Children's Museum. Relegated to the ranks of spectator, I watched them scramble all over a real fire engine. Justin donned a fireman's coat and helmet while Christa lugged around a stuffed dalmatian dog that was bigger than she is. And, of course, they both wanted to "drive" the truck.

They explored the garden room dressed as an ant (Justin) and a squirrel (Christa.) At least, I think Christa had on a squirrel outfit. Maybe she was supposed to be a gopher.

Then they shopped at the child-sized grocery store. Christa carefully looked for the bar codes on the packages she wanted to scan at the register. Justin, however, steered his overloaded cart to the kitchen area and then began throwing plastic fruit and veggies into the play oven.

I didn't do much except try and keep up with them as they ran from room to room. The only thing I determined were the potty breaks. We ate when they said they were hungry. And we always made our way back to the fire engine with its flashing lights and siren.

It was a day for me to be immersed in a four-year-old's world. Usually, I am trying to fit Christa into my world, my schedule.

We should have more days like that one--days where Christa determines what happens. Days where I say Yes when she asks for a tea party or to dress up or to color or to read books. Sometimes I am too quick to say No. Christa reminds me of the value of saying Yes to more fun in my life.

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