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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

In The News

It seems like every time I pick up a magazine or a newspaper, I read something about late-in-life moms. I've started a folder of clippings with articles like:

Egg Freezing Offers Women More Options--women freezing their eggs for use later
After 12 Years, Frozen Embryos Become Twins--a mother's choice to use embryos she'd frozen years earlier
Longing for a Second Baby-- a 37-year-old woman's struggle to get pregnant for the second time
Are Women Doing Things in the Wrong Order--a debate on whether women should/should not delay having babies
How Far Would You Go to Have a Baby--avoiding the astronomical cost of in vitro fertilization by going overseas for the procedure
Baby Boom Town--the town of Arlington is the epicenter of late-in-life motherhood in Massachussetts

And of course there have been articles about celebrity late-in-life moms like:
Sharon Stone, 47, who adopted a second baby boy this past summer
Joan Lunden, 54, who had a second set of twins via a surrogate mother--and the surrogate was Advanced Maternal Age (AMA), too!

In the past year, two new magazines focusing on AMA moms have launched: PLUM, an annual publication of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynocology, and Fertility Today Magazine (see their website at

Being a late-in-life mom--either a first-timer or a repeater like me--is news these days. I'm increasingly aware that late-in-life motherhood is the most significant trend in motherhood in the past decade. It's not a passing fad. Late-in-life moms are re-defining motherhood--and I think people--the media, the medical community--are finally sitting up and taking notice.


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