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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Older Equals Wiser--and Exhausted

The saying goes, "Older is wiser."
Lots of late-in-life moms say that's true. We believe our added years equals added life experience that makes us wiser (and better) moms.
Some days I feel like that.
Other days--like yesterday--I just feel like an old, tired mom.
By the time my caboose kiddo came home from school, I was on the couch. Worn out and wishing it was bedtime. Hers and mine.
Christa was raring to go--to the store, to be exact. She's got $5 she wants to spend. She knows just what she wants to buy too: a bug box.
Oh, joy.
In my defense, I've had a few late nights that ran into early, early mornings. And I haven't been sleeping too well. I've had a few odd dreams too. So, it's not just my age that's making me tired.
Even so, I can't go through life exhausted. Christa needs more from me than memories of me napping on the couch.
I know I was tired with my first three kiddos, but I don't remember being this tired. Of course, that could mean my memory is going too.
At least I'm smart enough to know I need to cut myself some slack. Christa doesn't need a perfect mommy. She needs to know I love her.
That's why I always welcome her when she snuggles up next to me when I'm resting on the couch. I wrap my arms around her and whisper, "I love you, Sugarplum."
There's always a way to redeem the moments--even the exhausted ones.

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