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Monday, June 23, 2008

News of Interest for Late-in-Life Moms June 22, 2008

News to know:

Not ready for baby? Protect your fertility.

A MSNBC Women's Health report asserts "there's plenty you can do to help keep your body in peak baby-making form," if you're thinking about becoming a mom some day. Tips include:
  • Watch your diet
  • Get tested for sexually transmitted diseases regularly (STDs), which can scar reproductive organs
  • Don't smoke
  • Stay healthy--and get regular medical checkups

U.S. working to cut premature births

The government is trying to figure out why one in eight babies -- well over half a million a year -- are born prematurely, a toll that's risen steadily for two decades with no sign of stopping. Near-term babies, those born between 34 and 37 weeks, make up 70 percent of all premature births and they, not very early preemies, are fueling the two-decade rise, according to a recent study. Caesarean sections soared in that time frame, too, causing some researchers to suggest that the increase in late preemies may be due to unnecessary C-sections.

Pacifiers may increase child's risk for ear infections

Children who used pacifiers increased their risk of getting ear infections by 90 percent, according to a study published in The Journal of Family Practice. The five-year study involved almost 500 Dutch children under the age of 4.

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