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Friday, October 10, 2008

Whatcha' Doin', Mom?

Never ask a 7-year-old a question if you're not ready for an honest answer.
Today I asked my caboose kiddo if she knew what I did for work.
"You sit at your computer a lot," she replied.
"But what do I do?"
"Uuuummmm, you sit at your computer a lot." She stressed the last two words, as if that made what I did more important.
"Christa, you know what I do," I said, holding up a copy of Baby Changes Everything, the book that has a photo of me and her on the back.
"Oh, yeah. You write books--and you ..."
"Edit ..." I helped out.
"You edit a magazine. Can I go watch TV now?"
In my first go-round as a mom, I wasn't a working mom. I stayed home and tried to get the whole mothering thing down. I aimed for perfection--and quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. So I tried to love my kiddos the best I could, even though I was a less than perfect mom. My mantra was: MOTHERHOOD: Perfection not required.
After late-in-life motherhood turned my life goals inside out and upside down, I decided to pursue writing again. I figured if I waited until Christa grew up, my writing dream would never happen.
I wonder sometimes if my being a working mom--albeit a part-time, work mostly from home mom, affects Christa much. Apparently not. She just thinks I sit in front of my computer. A lot.
There are times when dinner goes uncooked as I aim for a deadline. Times when I shut my office door and no one--no one is to open the door until I come out. There are times I stay up too late finishing a project or editing someone else's article.
But I guess I'm managing well enough.
I'm glad I had this little chat with my daughter.
Now excuse me while I go slip a copy of my book on her bookshelf.



At 8:29 PM, Anonymous inseasonmom said...

What relief to know that I'm not the only mother who has "aimed for perfection--and quickly realized that wasn't going to happen." As an older mom of a four and six-year-old who recently made a decision to accept a great job outside of the home, I can definitely relate to today's blog. Thanks for the reality check about motherhood perfection!

At 9:29 PM, Blogger Beth K. Vogt said...

I only wish I'd learned the "MOTHERHOOD: Perfection not required" mantra earlier. Better late than never, right?
Hope the new job goes well for you!


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