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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Empty-Nesting--Sort of

Katie Beth, Christa and Amy enjoy their flight to Maryland

Last Friday, Christa headed east with her big sisters, Katie Beth and Amy. They packed their bags--well, I packed Christa's--and flew out of DIA to Maryland for a fun week visiting cousins and aunts and uncles and my mom.

Rob and I were left home. Alone.

Alone, that is, if you don't count our daughters' 90-pound lab, Midas, and his cohort in crime, Twister, who is a mini-dachsund with a major attitude. Oh--and the cat. Can't forget Tessa. She sleeps with Rob and me every night. Joy, oh joy.

But, the point is, Rob and I are the only people in the Vogt house this week.

When Christa was born, we watched the empty nest years fade into a oblivion. And, really, we're okay with that. We're exhausted, but we're delighted to be older parents trying desperately to keep pace with an active 8-year old.

But this week of empty nesting is a glimpse of what life would be like without Christa. Here's what I'm discovering:

Life without Christa would be quiet. Not blessedly quiet--but the "I think we're missing something" quiet. We'd be missing Christa's enthusiasm. Her inquisitive, never-ending chatter. Her zest for life.

Life without Christa would be lonely. Why? Simply because Christa is all about people--and those people love to hang out with our daughter. When we showed up at church without her on Sunday, there were quite a few disappointed kiddos.

"Where's Christa?"

"When is she getting back?"

"Will she be here next week?"

The neighbor kids knocked on the door today and I had to remind them that Christa wouldn't be available to ride bikes until the weekend.

Sure, I'm getting things done this week. I'm am reorganizing my den--and I'm not being interrupted. There's something satisfying about sorting through piles of paper and finding the surface of my desk again.

But walking into my office without navigating a stack of books or magazines, while an accomplishment to savor, can't compare to all the moments of being Christa's mom.

So, I'll enjoy my seven days of empty-nesting, thank you very much.

And I'm counting the days until the house is filled to overflowing with all three of my girls again.

Christa sending me and Rob an "I love you" while she enjoyed her Aunt Theresa's and Uncle Steve's pool.



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