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Sunday, September 04, 2005

In Praise of Big Sisters

Christa's sisters, Katie Beth and Amy, certainly make my late-in-life motherhood adventure easier. Amy was 12 1/2 and Katie Beth was 15 when Christa arrived. At first, they were a bit nervous with a newborn's uncertain schedule and indecipherable moods. When Rob and I re-instated date nights, we only ventured to a restaurant about 10 minutes from home. Now--thanks to Katie Beth's and Amy's capable care--I think we could leave the country and Christa wouldn't miss us!
When Christa discovered the wonders of a McDonald's play area, Katie Beth and Amy were designated to clamber up the twisty tunnels if Christa got stuck.
When we walk to the park, they are ready to push Christa in a swing or catch her at the bottom of the slide.
Katie Beth and Amy taught Christa music appreciation. She loves to ride in the car with them and sing along with the radio or her sisters' movie soundtrack CDs. There's nothing quite like a four-year-old singing The Phantom of the Opera!
Christa can thank her big sisters for her snazzy wardrobe. They always find cute outfits for her to wear. At least I've taught them to shop the sales racks. And a big thanks also goes to her cousin, Caroline, who graciously shares her outgrown clothes with Christa.
Despite some folks assuming Christa is Katie Beth's or Amy's daughter (another blog topic), they have never denied Christa was theirs--specifically their much younger sister. A recent shopping trip to Old Navy produced not one, but two LITTLE SISTER t-shirts. As I purchased them, I made it clear that Christa could not wear one of the shirts every day of her life.
The best thing about Katie Beth and Amy is that they are two more people in Christa's life who love, love, love her. And when I'm an overtired and frazzled Mommy-Come-Lately, they love me, too--and take over!


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