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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Smart and Late-in-Life Motherhood

"Your old ovaries give me hope."
~ Comment of a thirty-something unmarried friend

Guess who's talking about older moms?
Maxwell Smart and Agent 99.
Yep, you got that right.
My hubby and I went to see the new Get Smart movie because we were both fans of the original TV series. Yes, I'm showing my age--but hey, if you read my book you can figure out how old I am anyways!
Agent 99 confesses that her round of plastic surgery to protect her identity also makes her look younger than she really is. She is, she admits, closer to Max's age.
Without missing a beat, Max launches into the dangers of waiting to have a baby. He tells Agent 99 her eggs could dry up.
Later in the movie, Agent 99 hassles Max about hassling her about her "dusty uterus."
Yes, I was laughing.
At the same time, I was marveling that late-in-life motherhood is such a hot topic--such a trend--that is it showing up in a hit movie.
And sure, we need to have a sense of humor about being mommies-come-lately.
But I'm betting that women over 35 who are battling infertility probably aren't laughing. Fertility is a tough hurdle to face on the way to motherhood.
And sometimes it is an insurmountable one.

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