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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

News of Interest for Late-in-Life Moms August 13, 2008

News to know:

Celebrity mamas fuel post-baby body blues

New moms are coming down with "celebrity baby body blues", according to a article. A survey by the San Francisco-based Web site on the impact of “teeny and toned new celebrity moms” reported:

  • 31 percent of moms felt angry about the “extra pressure on regular moms to look that way”

  • 24 percent simply felt depressed

Stay-at-home moms staying home even more

The term “stay-at-home-mom” has taken on a new meaning. Economic stresses, particularly sky-high gas prices, keeps many of these moms and their children closer to home than they’d like, a development some find isolating and deeply frustrating.

Mad Cow rule hit sperm banks' patrons

The United States has effectively barred sperm banks from importing from Europe for fear it might spread the brain-ravaging pathogen that causes Mad Cow Disease. The restrictions bar importing sperm from any donor who has lived in the United Kingdom or France for more than three months, or elsewhere in Europe for more than five years, since 1980.

California weighs chemical ban in baby bottles

California lawmakers are considering a bill that would require all products or food containers designed for children 3 years and younger contain only trace amounts of the chemical bisphenol A. This could be the first statewide restrictions on a chemical found in plastic baby bottles and infant formula cans.

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