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Monday, June 08, 2009

News of Interest to Moms June 8, 2009

News to know:

Anorexia and pregnancy don't mix

Expectant mothers' fear of gaining weight is all too common, according to Dr. Robert Zurawin, an associate professor at the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Houston's Baylor College of Medicine.

Moms-to-be who don't eat because they are afraid of gaining weight need to think about their baby, Dr. Zurawin said. What a woman eats--or doesn't eat--affects how a baby grows, as well as the baby's overall health.

Kids, keep your lids on

It's summertime and neighborhoods are filled with kids riding bikes. Too many of those kids balk at wearing a helmet.

The #1 killer of children is unintentional injuries, or accidents, according to Safe Kids USA And almost every single one of them is preventable.

Keeping children safe at every age requires understanding their mental and physical development. Why do children up to at least age 13 have to ride in back seats? Because a front-seat airbag could severely injure them in a crash.

Safe Kids USA recommends parents establish safety rules early and stay firm about the rules as kids get older.

New guidelines on young athletes' concussions stir controversy

Any athlete 18 or younger who has sustained a concussion during a game or practice should never be allowed to return to the playing field the same day, according to the updated recommendations of an international panel of neurologists.

The group had previously said that athletes could return if cleared by a doctor or certified athletic trainer. However, they now believe that such determinations are too difficult and dangerous for same-day return to be considered safe.

The panel’s recommendation has no direct influence on rules governing United States youth sports, which are generally made at the state and local levels.


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