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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Survey: More teens using alcohol, Ecstasy and marijuana

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A new national study released March 2 reported that after a decade of consistent declines, more teens are using alcohol, Ecstasy and marijuana.

The 2009 Partnership Atitude Tracking Study (PATS), sponsored by MetLife Foundation, noted a number of key findings:

  1. The number of teens in grades 9-12 that used alcohol in the past months has grown 11 percent

  2. Ecstasy use in the past year has increased 67 percent

  3. Marijuana use in the past year increased 19 percent

Researchers found that these negative shifts in teen attitudes were linked with the growing belief in the benefits and acceptability of drug use and drinking.

The sponsors of the study also said there was a critical need for parents to be more proactive with their teens. Many parents are not acting early enough to protect their children from the risks of drugs and alcohol, according to the study.

Talking to our kids about drugs and alcohol might not be easy or comfortable--but it's not optional. And there are resources out there to help us start the conversation. Here's one:

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America offers Tips for Raising Drug-Free Teens, including "Your Child Needs You!" a PDF resource parents can download.

Have you talked to your kids about drugs and alcohol? How did the conversation go?

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At 8:22 PM, Blogger alex said...

Hi Beth, our organization has a great drug prevention resource for parents! We produce and distribute the Natural High DVD Series, which showcases celebrities, professional athletes, musicians, etc. engaging in their natural highs and sharing why they choose that over drugs and alcohol. This unique approach to youth drug prevention is more positive and kids become instantly engaged when they see their heroes on the screen. Tony Hawk, Travis Pastrana, and Mya are just a few familiar faces that appear in the films. For more information on what we do or how you can get involved, please visit !


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