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Friday, April 23, 2010

Whatcha' Thinking?

I've mentioned that Christa, my nine-year-old, writes me notes. Most often they are the short and sweet variety: I'm hungry. Can I have a snack?
A few months ago she handed me a multicolored, glimpse-into-her-mind note.
Looking at the bright colors and hearts and stars and smiles, I'm thinking it's a lot of fun in Christa's mind.
I asked her why she drew this mini-mindshot, and she shrugged. I said, "It looks fun."
"Yeah," she said. "And wild."
Okay, that would explain what looks like some sort of animal paw print in the upper right-hand corner of the drawing.
I showed Christa's drawing to my daughter, Katie Beth, last night. She joked that if I drew a "mind note" it would be a bunch of words with red marks on them. This is what I get for being an editor!

Thinking Out Loud: So what about you? If you drew a "mind note" to give us a glimpse of your thoughts and feelings, what would it look like?



At 10:46 AM, Blogger Evangeline Denmark said...

It would be black, all black! With all sorts of Goth symbols and tear drops and chains and stuff. Just kidding. It would look like one of Chunky's pictures. He draws something--a house, himself, Easter eggs, a volcano--then gets carried away coloring it and ends up with a nearly solid page of one color scribbled over his picture. That's what my mindnote would look like.


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