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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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It's been a while since I last blogged. I've been OBE--a military term meaning "Overcome By Events."
In somewhat chronological order:
  • I sent my book off to Revell--and then walked around for a day or two muttering, "I wrote a book. I wrote a book."
  • My 23 year old son moved to the publishing capital of the world--New York City--and had a "Triple Crown" summer. He landed an agent for his fantasy trilogy, landed a job at Simon and Schuster, and fell in love with his best friend Jen.
  • My 20 year old was home--in the sense that she slept here. But her summer classes and time with her friends meant we had little face-to-face time. Usually we just saw her car in the garage each morning and her laundry in the dryer.
  • My 18 year old daughter graduated from high school--and 10 days later, she left for a summer missions trip in Guatemala. She was gone for almost two months.
So, it was an "empty nesting" summer for me--except that my 5 year old was very much at home. It's amazing how full an empty nest can feel when one inquisitive, talkative, imaginative 5 year old girl is busy coloring, cutting, pasting, and riding her bike through the house--yes, through the house.

I learned a lot about myself this summer--and not all of it makes me proud of myself. I find straddling the parenting spectrum of young adult children and a kindergartner awkward. Challenging. Some days I managed to balance it all--and some days I sulked.

More on that later.


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