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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Count the Cost--of Kids, That is

My husband and I figure that most things in life require either time or money. Sometimes both.

When it comes to raising a family, you're going to need a lot of money.

Anywhere from $143,00 to $290,000, according to the Center of Nutrition Policy and and Promotion's report.

I'm not going into detail about the report's findings. There's a great article on for those of you who want all the whys and wherefores. But here are just a few interesting facts:

  • The cost per child goes down for larger families

  • A child with no sibling costs more than one with a sibling

I'm thinking this is because a mom with one child has more freedom to go shopping than a mom with four children. It's much easier to manage my caboose kiddo's "I want this" pleas than it was when my first three were begging in unison!

The survey doesn't take into consideration the loss of income if one parent stops working. It also doesn't add in the cost of private schools or extensive medical bills. And, because the survey involves children up to age 17, it doesn't include the cost of college. Big mistake. I have two kids in college now--and one post-college with the student loans to prove it. I guess the study had to draw the line somewhere.

Take the time to read the article. It's got some interesting financial facts. And it has some great money saving tips too.

I've been a mom for 24 years now. Honestly, I never had the time to figure out how much our kids cost my husband and me. Sometimes they exhausted both our energy and our bank account.

But, all in all, they've been worth every dollar spent and every night I've collapsed into bed and groaned, "I'm worn out. Where's the replacement mom?" My four kiddos' value is best estimated in the intangibles--hugs, kisses, meaningful conversations between me and my teenager, seeing my child become who God created them to be. You can't put a dollar figure on that.


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