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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

News of Interest October 9, 2007

News of interest for late-in-life moms:

Single Embryo Transfer Cuts Multiples
New research suggests that transferring one embryo instead of two or more to minimize the risk of multiple births is a viable option for some infertile women over 35 utilizing in vitro fertilization.

Eat Fish While Pregnant, US Experts Recommend
Pregnant and breastfeeding women should eat at least 12 ounces of fish and other seafood a week, according to a group of U. S. experts. The group of 14 obstetricians and nutritionists say the benefits for infant brain development outweigh any worries about mercury contamination.

Antidepressant Use Drops in Pregnancy
A marked decrease in antidepressant use occurs when women first learn they are pregnant, according to a new study released in Canada. Researchers recommend a careful evaluation before a woman discontinues antidepressants, citing the risks of untreated depression during pregnancy.

Mom Can Pass Bird Flu to Fetus
Researchers reported that the H5N1 bird flu virus can pass through a pregnant woman's placenta to infect her unborn child.


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