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Friday, January 25, 2008

Colorful versus Competitive

I hope you're enjoying the full colorful experience of that photo of Christa!

Today was "Dictionary Day" at her school. She was supposed to dress up as an adjective. You can only begin to imagine how much fun we had trying to select one word for her to wear.

First she was going to be athletic. But then someone else in her class was going to be sporty, so she didn't want to be athletic. Then she wanted to dress up like a princess like her friend, Emma, and be princess-y, but I told her that wasn't really an adjective. You wouldn't believe how many words she wanted to add a "y" to and make it an adjective.

By then my competitve juices were flowing. I really am too competitve (adjective) to be a parent. I need to just take a back seat and let my calm (adjective) husband handle a lot of the school activities. But he didn't have time to brainstorm adjectives.

So, Christa and I wandered the local party store.
Did she want to be sleepy? I was thinking pajamas and robe and slippers.
Did she want to be a color: purple or red or orange face paint and wig?
Did she want to be shimmery?
Did she want to be furry or spotty?
We finally settled on colorful.

Sparkly red/blue/purple wig. Purple star sunglasses. Shimmery rainbow boa. Face paints--flower on one side of her face, rainbow on the other. Orange eyebrows. Pink fingernails. A purple maraca with spangles. A purple turtleneck.

Christa was happy (adjective). I was happy (adjective).
Misson accomplished.


At 10:50 PM, Anonymous Andrea said...

Hi Beth! This is Andrea once-Wright-now-Belyeu. I came across your website and blog a week or so ago. I just loved this picture of Krista! It made me laugh out loud and is so adorable and fun. (adjectives....) :) I hope you all are well. God bless!


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