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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What are Your Mommy-Essentials?

I was wandering the Internet and came across an article about the "8 must-have gadgets for busy parents." I decided to scroll through the list and see how many of the must-haves I actually had for my caboose kiddo.
  1. Voice-activated crib light ($13) - Nope.
  2. Hands-free diaper pail ($50) - Nope. I don't think they made diaper pails with motion sensors on the lids back when Christa was born. I used the old fashioned foot pedal.
  3. Super-efficient changing table ($119) - Nope. By the time Christa was born, I used anything and everything as a changing table. The floor. The kitchen counter. The bed. The couch. And, yes, I was ve-ery careful not to let my baby roll off of the counter or the bed or the couch.
  4. Tuba light ($196) - Nope. Never heard of it. I agree kiddos like lights--but $196?
  5. Glowing pillow ($40) - Nope. More light. I did use a pillow to cushion Christa when I nursed her. It was handmade by her two big sisters--no lights included.
  6. The best high chair ( Tripp Trapp Chair $229 plus cushions $40) - Christa did have a high chair. And it was a good one. I don't think you should skimp here--but I didn't spend close to $300 for Christa's high chair.
  7. High -tech stroller (Orbit Stroller $900) - Nope!! At $900, and with the "high-tech" label, I expected this stroller to have wireless connectivity and mabye a flat-panel HDTV. I confess, I bought a good stroller for Christa--barely used--at a garage sale.
  8. Handy blender ($100) - Already owned one by the time Christa came along!

I figured I saved myself at least $1600 by foregoing these "essentials."

I'd love to know what you think are "Mom Must-Haves." Did you indulge in a tuba light or a special crib or high chair? What one thing have you used over and over again as a mom?


At 2:07 PM, Blogger Patricia said...

Very interesting list, Beth. I wonder how I survived! =) I keep thinking I am going to write a post of "grandmother essentials" and maybe this would be the time!

I only watch one of my grandsons now, but for a year, I had two of them from the time they were six weeks old, and they were only 6 months apart. My "changing table" was, and still is, a towel on my bed and a basket filled with diaper changing essentials: diapers, wipes (though I used wash cloths for my own babies), desitin, hand sanitizer (for me), a couple of small toys to keep busy hands occupied, and plastic bags for disposing messy diapers. At the end of the day, or as necessary during the day, the towel goes in the wash.

I don't have room for a high chair, so I bought a nice inflatable booster seat that straps into any chair and can go with us anywhere.

An umbrella stroller is the only stroller I need. Gavin's other grandmothers have nicer strollers, but the umbrella stroller works fine for me. A bigger, heavier stroller would be more difficult to push through the grass.

I appreciate having "white noise" for nap time, but an inexpensive fan works perfectly.

The only other "essentials" for me are baby gates and other safety tools like electric outlet plugs and door handle covers.

At 4:30 PM, Blogger Beth K. Vogt said...

I think baby gates and safety tools are absolutely essential--and come before fancy lights.
Another essential for me: A roomy, comfortable rocking chair. My parents gave me one when I was pregnant with my first baby--25 years ago--and used it with my caboose baby!

At 12:58 AM, Blogger jen said...

This is too funny. By the time I had my second I was using a regular back pack as a diaper bag, and I bought all his toys and clothes at The Goodwill. I was so over NEW. It's funny what commercialism tries to convince you of.

I did invest in the Cadillac of baby gates, though - one that actually screwed into the walls. My kids' bedrooms don't have doors (old house, 1/2 story upstairs, long story), so I used a baby gate to keep Ruthie from coming into my room at 4am, ready for the day to begin.

It was the best $60 I ever spent.


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