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Friday, October 24, 2008

A Bit Sore and A Lot Thankful

I live in Colorado Springs, home to the Air Force Academy, which happens to be my husband's alma mater.
My family enjoys Air Force football games. As a matter of fact, we enjoyed one last night. We sat in the bleachers wrapped in blankets and sipping hot chocolate while the Falcons won the game.
And then, as we drove away from the football stadium, our car was rear-ended.
Not quite the way we planned on ending a fun evening.
Everyone is fine, although we're all a bit stiff this morning.
My car seems okay--but we'll let the insurance inspector figure that out when he looks at the car.
Looking back, I have to laugh at the different responses to another car ramming ours as we waited for traffic to start moving.
My husband, ever calm, cool and collected, said nothing. Just put the car and in park and probably started making a mental list of what needed to be done: Everyone okay? Check. Car registration? Check. Insurance? Check.
My 22-year-old daughter's response? "Are you kidding me?!"
Me, I just turned to stare at the person who had hit us.
And my 7-year-old caboose kiddo said, "Well, at least our car didn't catch on fire."
Hhhhhm. A bit dramatic there, you think?
We ended up sitting beside the road for an hour and a half while the police figured everything out. Turns out another car hit the car that had hit our car. (Hope that makes sense.) So, there were three cars involved. No injuries.
While looking for the car registration, my older daughter decided my glove compartment needed to be cleaned out. My caboose kiddo decided she wanted to sit in my lap. And we decided that it all could have been a lot worse, that we had reasons to be thankful. So, we sat in the car beside the road and thanked God for protecting us and everyone else involved.
And then my daughter plugged in her iPod and we listened to Brian Regan, a very funny comedian, and laughed. That saying about laughter being good medicine? It's true.


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