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Friday, October 17, 2008

Free Resource: Putting the Mommy-Come-Lately® Life into Perspective

**This is not a political endorsement. This is an article meant to help all moms over 35 love late-in-life motherhood.**

The media can’t get enough of Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate for Vice President.
People on both sides of the political arena wonder how Gov. Palin will parent three children under 18 while being “a heartbeat away from the presidency.”
Actually, Gov. Palin is no different from thousands of other moms, like you and me, who juggle competing time demands. The daily challenge starts the minute we hear someone yell, “Mom!” and lasts until we collapse into bed at night.
If I had the chance to enjoy coffee and conversation with Gov. Palin—just one Mommy-Come-Lately® to another—I’d encourage her to remember a few key principles to keep life in perspective:

1. Priorities don’t fall neatly into 1-2-3 order. Often life is about balancing things of equal value. Your teenagers are just as important as your newborn son, Trig. Yes, Trig has Down syndrome, requiring extra time and attention, including more frequent medical appointments. Your other children have their own needs—and their emotional and physical needs are just as significant as their baby brother’s.

There’s no Superwoman costume hanging in your closet. Politics aside, you’re obviously an intelligent, capable woman—but nobody expects you to have super powers. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re exhausted. It’s okay to need a nap or a good night’s sleep. Or two. If you must pretend you’re a superhero, get a sidekick and delegate responsibilities on your “To Do” list to someone else. In the real world, sidekicks are called “assistants”—or they’re teenagers who don’t mind earning some spending money by babysitting or running errands.
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