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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So What About the First Day of Kindergarten?

We're in week two of kindergarten. Both Christa and I are settling into a routine and, despite one classmate "botherin'" her, Christa is delighted about going to school.
Christa is my first child to go to kindergarten. The older three were at home until first grade--Josh was home through second grade, thanks to an overseas tour in Turkey. (Another story.)
The first day of school, I walked Christa to her classroom.. She toted a pink backpack and a "Hello Kitty" lunch bag. Instructions were to have her line up with the rest of her classmates. I knelt down to give her a hug. She shrugged me off, saying, "Okay. That's enough, Mom. You can go now."
So much for savoring the moment.
When I picked her up later that day, I asked, "Did you miss me?"
"Not even a little bit?"
"Okay, Mom. I missed you medium."

As a mother of four children, I've learned there are many moments when I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This time I laughed, thankful that Christa was ready to take on the world--or at least her world of kindergarten--without me. Afterall, don't we want our children to become independent? Kindergarten is just a baby step towards that goal.


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