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Friday, January 04, 2008

The First List for 2008

Remember those Lists to Live By books I delved into occasionally in 2007?
I thought it was time to highlight another one. And so, to start off the new year, how about:

Top 10 Free Toys For Children

1. Cape made from a bath towel

2. Empty sqeeze bottles for tub toys

3. Arm sling made from dish towel

4. Pretend grocery store stocked with empty food packages (canned goods, cereal boxes, spices, etc.)

5. Binoculars made from empty toilet paper tubes taped together (add plastic food wrap lenses for professional effect)

6.Puppets made from stray socks piling up in the laundry room (I always have plenty of these!)

7. Sewing cards made from styrofoam meat trays and old shoelaces

8. Pretend post office stocked with junk mail

9.Tent made from sheets and blanket (Christa's favorite!)

10. Empty cardboard box

Honorary mention: Own library card

~Compiled by Crystal Kirgiss, mother of three boys,

columnist for the Detroit Lakes Tribune


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