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Friday, March 07, 2008

A Short List for Friday

It's Friday and I feel like offering all of you a list!

Essentials for Happiness

1. Something to Do

2. Something to Love

3. Something to Hope for

So, if I asked you to fill in your answers, what would you put on your list? Do you have the Essentials for Happiness?

Something to Do: I bet this means more than just my daily To Do list, which is extra long today! My Something to Do could be doing a random act of kindness or doing a specific act of kindness for someone in my family. Or my Something to Do could be my writing ministry.

Something to Love: This one is easy! My Something to Love is my family, which is really an electic assortment of someones.

Something to Hope for: My Something to Hope for? I hope I'm kind today, instead of being impatient with others. I hope somehow I show others the grace that God has shown me. I hope and I pray that my friend who had surgery and my friend's son who is undergoing chemo find the strength and healing they both need.

May today's list cause you to stop and think about the things you have to do, the people you love, and the reason you have hope.


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