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Friday, September 01, 2006

I'll Be Watching You

"Watch me, Mom!"

When our children are young, it's all about watching.
Watching them dance across the kitchen.
Watching them jump off the diving board.
Watching them perform a magic trick or two.
Watching them kick a soccer ball or hit a baseball or dribble a basketball.

Thanks to Christa, I am in the "Watch me, Mom" phase of life again. (With three older children, I know this is only a phase. My older kids rarely say, "Watch me, Mom!)

Sometimes I ignore Christa's plea because I'm busy doing something important--like loading the dishwasher or putting away laundry.

I miss her latest dance routine or song--and it's lost. For some reason, I thought socks and t-shirts were more important than watching my 5 year old create a moment of beauty that she wanted to share with me.

Motherhood is a lot about choices. It begins with a choice--and continues to be about the choices I make day to day. What's more important? Finishing a chore or watching my daughter--and letting her know she is important to me?

Sometimes I make the wrong choice. Sometimes I make the right choice. I'm realizing watching my daughter is another way of saying "I love you."


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