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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Here's A Thought

Sometimes the oldest trees bear the sweetest fruit.
A German Proverb

I love that saying. It's my "Mommy-come-lately" quote--I even put it in the introduction of my book BABY CHANGES EVERYTHING.
Yes, I was 41 years old when Christa was born. I earned the label Advanced Maternal Age--and I admit I fussed about it.
But I'm now six years into this mommy-come-lately life and there is a certain sweetness to it. To be more exact, Christa brought a new sweetness into my life--into my family--when she was born.
There's the sweetness of experiencing motherhood again--and avoiding some of my mothering mistakes--and remembering some of the things I did right.
There's the sweetness of a child's forgiveness and unconditional love--a rare commodity among adults.
There's the sweetness of all the possibilities of who Christa might become--her dreams, her hopes, her "I want to be just like Amy-and-Josh-and-Katie" aspirations--and the knowledge she will become someone separate from all of them.
I savor the sweetness of my life with Christa. And I believe that much of that sweetness--and my ability to treasure it--is because she came along when I was 41.


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