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Saturday, November 10, 2007

What I Hope I Taught My Kids

I'm spending the weekend in the mountains (woo hoo!) and don'tcha know I left my Lists to Live By books back home? So, there's no easy way to share a nifty, already compiled list with you. It's going to be a do-it-myself version.
I started thinking what kind of list I'd make. Then I started thinking of all the things I made sure I taught my children (3 three adult ones and the caboose kiddo). Then I thought: what do I hope I've taught them?
Here goes:
What I Hope I Taught My Kids
  1. I taught my kids to brush and floss their teeth. I hope I taught them to focus as much on what came out of their mouths as on what was in their mouths!
  2. I taught my kids to make their beds. I hope I taught them to pursue dreams that make getting up in the morning worthwhile.
  3. I taught my kids to eat their vegetables. I hope I taught them to enjoy veggies too--and all sorts of different foods. And I hope I taught them to be thankful for all of it.
  4. I taught my kids there's always room for one room at our kitchen table. I hope I taught them to invite people into our home who don't act like us, look like us, think like us. It'll make for a more interesting dinner discussion.
  5. I taught my kids to ask for forgiveness when they made a mistake. I hope I taught them to forgive someone when they are brave and humble enough to ask for forgiveness.
  6. I taught my kids what I believe about God. I hope I taught them that they could trust me--and that I trusted them to grow in their faith--separate from what I told them.
  7. I taught my kids to love old movies and root beer floats and books and music. I hope I taught them that I'm eager to discover what they love too.

What have you taught your children?

What do you wish you'd taught them?


At 10:26 PM, Blogger Audra Marie said...

I enjoyed the list - although, if you have room for a room at your table - you have a huge table. :)
I'm glad you forgot the book because your list is superb.

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Audra Marie said...

By the way, this is the same Audra from NaBloPoMo - I have two blogger blogs and contribute on another, so it used my blogger id on here instead of My Meandering Mind. :)

At 12:57 AM, Blogger Elizabeth Coplan said...

Your words remind me of my mother. I hope she knows that she taught me the meaning of love.

As far as my sons are concerned, I taught them to be gracious hosts. I hope they learned to invite others into their homes.

I taught them how to save money and live frugally. I hope I didn't teach them to be cheap.

I shared with them my love of football. I hope they learned that women are not to be stereotyped or discounted or ignored.

Cheers, Elizabeth


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