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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life With A Curious Caboose Kiddo

I blame my son Josh for Christa's control-driven curiosity.
Christa is so like Josh was at 7 years old--especially when she looks at me and asks, "Mom, what are we doing after school today?"
Mind you, it's only 7 A.M. and my immediate goals are to get her ready for school and get myself a shower. But Christa's nimble mind is 8 hours ahead of me, wanting to know The Plan.
I have no plan. I am barely awake at 7 A.M. Sleeping in ended when my late-in-life child was born.
Josh was also a planner--wanting to know the next day's activities the night before. He also wanted to pack for camp a full week before he left. Then, after I oh-so-carefully coordinated his t-shirts and shorts, he wore the the same black t-shirt the entire week. But that's a guy-thing and another blog.
Josh is grown up and married now; he and Jenelle figure out their own schedules. Meanwhile, I'm doing life with a first-grader who keeps better track of her activities than I do. It's Thursday. Christa's already asked about the weekend. What are we doing? I'd love to do nothing. Nothing at all. But Christa doesn't comprehend the beauty--and sometimes the necessity--of doing nothing.
Next week's Spring Break. I am woefully behind the power curve when it comes to planning how I'm going to keep Christa busy--and I know she'll be asking me what's on the schedule.
Any suggestions?

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