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Friday, October 20, 2006


I went to a school book fair with my kindergartner. I don't know who had more fun scouring the tables of books--me or her.
On the table ladened with books about Thanksgiving I found one titled Grateful. It included a DVD with Art Garfunkel--remember him?--singing the words of the book:

Truly grateful I am...

My "theme" for 2006 is gratitude. During the past ten months, I've written down things I'm grateful for. Not on a daily basis--and sometimes not even on a weekly basis. The days I do take the time to scribble a few reasons I am thankful--well, they just have a certain feeling to them. It's like I've done something that anchors my day in a good attitude. A day where I grumble less and appreciate things more.

So, that said, I'm declaring Fridays at this blog Grateful Days.

Today I am grateful for:
  • the bright, sunshiney weather before the snow showers expected on Saturday
  • the chance to crawl back into bed once Christa was at school (trying to sleep off a migraine)
  • homemade chocolate chip cookies
  • the cheery voice of a friend who just called to say "Hi"
  • a nothing-to-do Friday night when I can stay at home and relax
  • my daughter's happiness with little things like an ice cream cone

May your day be anchored in gratitude.


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