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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Having Fun in Kindergarten

I don't know about Christa, but I'm lovin' kindergarten!

Today was "Apple Tasting" day. Since I volunteer on Tuesdays, I got to unwrap all the apple goodies other parents sent in. Apple bread--two kinds!--and apple crisps and apple muffins and caramel apples and apple pies and apple cider and apple juice and apple butter...Yum!

Each child was encouraged to dig in to their plateful of food and sample all the different treats. Then they decided what they liked best, wrote that down on a piece of paper, and then drew a picture.

At two other stations, the kids had a chance to make applesauce and do "Apple Math" with apple manipulatives.

Today, kindergarten was all about trying--trying new foods and trying a new recipe and trying some new math facts. And, you know what? Those kids were willing to jump right in and try it all. Maybe apple butter or apple crisp wasn't their favorite thing--but they sure had fun finding out.

Maybe the next time I face trying something new, I'll think like a kindergartener. I'll give it my best--and have fun along the way.


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Kristen said...

what a fantastic idea! I love that. It makes me hungry though. :-)


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