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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Reasons to Celebrate-Big and Small

Christa lost her first tooth.
It was a long, drawn out, several week process. A wiggle of the tooth here. A sniffle there. "Is it gonna' hurt, Mommy?" Another wiggle.
And then, great was the rejoicing when the tooth was out! We celebrated with a dance around the kitchen with big sister Amy and a phone call to big sister Kate and big brother Josh and, of course, Dad. (Thank goodness we are all on the same cell phone plan!)
Losing a tooth can seem awfully unimportant when weighed against all the things Christa's older siblings are experiencing: college and careers and falling in love and moving across the country and deciding who they want to be now that they are grown up. (Although I realize that may change in years to come.)
But one of my Mommy-come-lately goals is to make certain I celebrate Christa's accomplishments too. Losing her first tooth was a big deal for Christa. And we all made sure she knew we thought so too!


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