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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Redux

You don't ignore Valentine's Day when you have a six-year-old.
I spent yesterday morning in Christa's classroom doing crafts with eighteen kindergarteners. Lots of red and pink and purple and white tissue paper and Modge Podge glue and pink hearts. I'm getting the hang of this now--realizing it's more about having fun and less about being perfect. I still marvel at the kiddos' creativity and complete comfortableness with crafts.
Last night Christa sat at the kitchen counter and colored her unicorn Valentines and then printed her name in red colored pencil. She also had little goodie bags stuffed with candy hearts and pink and red M&Ms and pink and red and white candy corn. Christa's teacher, Mrs. Jarboe, believes Valentine's Day is all about love and sugar. I agree!
This morning Christa and I walked into her class with red fruit punch and a heart-shaped tray of cookies and a big bag of popcorn. Other moms brought contributions for the Valentine's Day party too.
I remember dozens of school Valentine's Day parties when my first three children were growing up. This year I sent a box of goodies to Josh in New York. I have a few goodies for Amy and Kate too.
When they are young, it's all about tucking memories into their hearts. Letting them enjoy being children. And it's about letting them know they are loved--when they're children and when they're grown up too.
Happy Valentine's Day!


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