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Friday, February 02, 2007

Pretty, Pretty Mommy

I'm typing this blog with flourescent pink nails. Two fingernails are even adorned with two tiny, shiny hearts.
See what happens when I take Christa with me to my nail appointment?
Those who know me best know that I am more of a sedate French manicure kind of girl. It's true, I like a nice vivid OPI red too, but that's about as flashy as it gets for me when it comes to nail polish.
Every once in a while, schedules collide and Christa has to accompany me to the nail salon and somehow keep herself entertained for an hour. One of her favorite things to do is select my nail color.
Today as she walked to the wall rack filled with a rainbow assortment of polishes I reminded her, "No purple!"
A few minutes later she brought over not one, but two bottles of orange nail polish.
I then explained I do not wear orange nail polish. I reminded her that I like reds and pinks. And that's what she brought me next--two different bottles of bright pink polishes.
It was time to ignore what little fashion sense I have and pick one of the colors Christa selected for me.
Forty-five minutes later, Christa watched as Gail, my ever-faithful nail technician, lavished each nail with two coats of an exuberant shade of pink.
"Where's your stickers?" Christa asked.
Amy, my eighteen-year-old, has been painting Christa's nails and putting nail decals on them. Now it was my turn to have some "stickers" on my nails. Christa sorted through Gail's selection and chose the equally shiny pink hearts.
"I'll put two hearts on each pinky finger," Gail offered.
Oh, thank you so much.
I get my nails done 'cause it makes me feel pretty.
Today I feel slightly ridiculous. I'll probably feel that way until my next appointment two weeks from now.
But it's a small price to pay, right? Christa sure had fun today helping me be a pretty, pretty Mommy-come-lately.


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