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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Running with the Little Doggies

Today was field trip day.
One teacher. Five moms. Seventeen kindergarteners.
Off we went to watch an ice skating competition. Now, that is an amazingly beautiful perfomance. How do two people dance the tango on ice skates? I can barely skate on ice skates.
I was one of the five moms running with the little doggies, so to speak. The kiddos were great. Even so, I came home exhausted. Needing a nap.
Maybe it was the combination of navigating highway construction. And herding rambunctious five and six-year-olds in and out of the World Arena. And telling them to "Sit on your bottoms. Sit on your bottoms. Sit on your bottoms," while they played with the arena seats. And taking a group on a bathroom run and trying to convince two little boys it was really okay to use the girls restroom just this once.
I wouldn't have missed all the "ooohs" and "aahs" as the kiddos watched the performers. They seemed to like it whenever a girl hung upside down, her head dangerously close to the ice, while a guy spun her around.
But while running with the little doggies is always a lot of fun--it is exhausting.
Is it nap time yet?


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