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Monday, February 05, 2007

Deliverer: Just Another Way to Say OB-GYN

Christa has a Thankful Journal. Every night, right before her Dad reads a Bible story and says prayers with her, she writes down one thing she is thankful for. A recent entry reads:

I am thankful for my deliverer.

That morning we had breakfast with Dr. Mark Campbell, the ob-gyn who delivered her. Whenever Mark comes in town he enjoys seeing Christa. He always marvels at how quickly she is growing up.

Like me, Mark remembers the day he slathered my tummy with gel and maneuvered an ultrasound wand around until he pinpointed a tiny beating heart. My eyes met his and with a smile he said, "Congratulations, Mom."

I threw Mark a lot of curve balls during my pregnancy--including a kidney stone about six weeks before my due date. I experienced some serious complications after Christa was born too. I am so thankful I had a supportive and well-trained medical provider both during and after my pregnancy.

That's why I encourage other Mommies-come-lately not to settle for anything less than the best medical care, whether they use a family practitioner, ob-gyn, or midwife. My hope and prayer is that they receive the same compassionate care that I did during my late-in-life pregnancy.


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Josh said...

What are we having for Thanksgiving? Kidney stones! Makes for a great story, years later. I have a tough mother.


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