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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wedding Count Down

It's silly, the things I'm doing to get ready for my son's wedding.

A few days ago I decided I needed to scrub the grout in the tile in my kitchen floor. There are paint cans sitting on my kitchen counters so I can touch up a few walls. And my dear husband stained both the front and back porches and assembled a new set of lawn furniture. All of this has nothing to do with the wedding ceremony--but we will be having guests over for a bridal shower and a post-wedding celebration.

I'm sure given more time and a bit more energy I could come up with additional projects. But I need to finalize plans for the rehearsal dinner--a few surprises there!--and making sure my schedule of events coordinates with Jen and Josh's schedule of events.

The past two mornings, I haven't jumped out of bed the minute I woke up. Instead, I laid still and enjoyed those quiet minutes before life got busy, busy, busy. I thanked God that my son is getting married to a wonderful young woman named Jenelle. Through the years, I prayed many prayers for my son's future wife--and it's delightful to see the answer come to life in her warm smile and generous nature. It is beautiful to see the love between the two of them.

Those early morning moments are the most precious ones of this wedding week--taking time to be thankful. I need to try and squeeze in a few more moments like that throughout the day.


At 9:29 AM, Blogger Josh said...

I can help clean the bathrooms once I get home. Good thing you taught me how to do those kind of things. It will be a wonderful weekend, I don't doubt. Thank you for all the blessings you've given during this whole buildup to the day.


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