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Monday, September 04, 2006

It's Nice to Get to Know You

I met another Mommy-come-lately the other day.

I enjoyed hearing her story and sharing a bit of mine. There was an instant camaraderie between us. We were both "repeater" Mommies-come-lately, juggling the needs of a young child and much older siblings.

Like so many late-in-life moms, having a baby at forty was Marla's choice. She and her husband wanted another baby.

Marla has five boys. That's right--five boys. Her oldest is a sophomore in high school. Her youngest is almost three weeks old. There is an entire decade between her newborn and her next oldest son. Already, one of Marla's joys is watching her older sons love on their little brother.

My caboose kid, Christa, loved holding that little baby too. She beamed with joy and gave him sweet little kisses on his forehead. As I watched her, I realized Christa is rarely around someone younger than her. It was a treat for her to hold a baby. And yes, she now wants a baby brother.


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