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Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday's List for Moms

Eight Foundation Builders for Your Family
  1. Hug and praise them.
  2. See discipline as an asset.
  3. Create traditions.
  4. Cultivate laughter.
  5. Stay close to teachers.
  6. Be where they are.
  7. Share your life with them.
  8. Keep a long-range perspective.

~Susan Alexandar Yates

From: How to Like the Ones You Love

As you read that list, did any one of the foundation builders catch your eye?

My husband and I try to cultivate laughter (#4) in our family. We watch funny movies with our kiddos--old Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis comedies. I know, I'm dating myself here, but I first watched those movies as reruns! There's nothing more fun than watching your children laugh so hard that they are red in the face, with tears streaming down their cheeks. And there is something about playing cards--Uno or Pit--that brings out the giggles in my girls.

What about you? How are you building a strong foundation in your family?


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